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The KSCT-YOUNGONE YOUNG SCHOLARS AWARD is aiming at awarding those who published excellent papers on the KSCT Journal among the members of the KSCT in order to explore the young outstanding scholars who will lead the future and promote the academic development of textiles and clothing field.

This award program is sponsored by the YOUNGONE Corporation.

* From the 4th KSCT-YOUNGONE Young Scholars Award, eligibility of the applicant was changed as follows.

1) Eligibility of the applicant
- All applicants should be under age of 42(born after Jan. 1st. 1972) and be a member of the KSCT. Prospective young scholars should have at least three papers published on the KSCT Journal within the last three years (from Jan. 1st. 2011 to Dec. 31st. 2013), as the first author or the correspondent author.

2) Evaluation criteria
- Applicants must apply to one of the three research fields.
Humanities- Fashion Aesthetics, Fashion Design, Korean Costumes Studies, etc.
Social Science- Fashion Psychology, Fashion Marketing
Natural Science- Textiles and Clothing Science, Clothing Ergonomics
* Only those papers which meet the following criteria will be acknowledged for evaluation.
- KSCT journal papers and SCI(E), SSCI(E) papers within the last three years.
- Papers published as the first author or the correspondent author.
- The level of contribution to the academic development.

3) Required documents
A hard copy of application form (choose three representative papers)
A brief CV
A list of all research achievement within the last three years
Two copies of all papers which satisfy the evaluation criteria

4) Award and Benefit
Award certificate and cash prize of three million KRW for each field winner
Award ceremony will be given at the 2014 KSCT Spring Conference
(Recipients should present the representative paper at the KSCT Spring Conference
and present the representative paper to executives and staff members of YOUNGONE Corporation if requested)

5) Application deadline and Reception office
- Application deadline: January 31st, 2014.
- Reception office: KSCT office

* There may be no nomination if none of the applicants meet the evaluation qualifications.

Attach File: 4thapplicationform.hwp




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