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Title  Call for Papers for 2011 KSCT Fall Conference  
Name KSCT Date  2011-08-10 Hit  62784
You are cordially invited to participate in the 2011 KSCT Fall Conference. The upcoming fall conference will be held to predict the future fashion in the fashion environment where the level of competition has gradually become more severe, and to prepare for the future fashion trend in such a competitive industry. With the theme of Future Fashion@Technology.Globalism, Director Lee In-sik (Convergence Institute) and Professor Brenda Sternquist (Michigan State University) will carry out lectures. Also, during the Special Topic Session, Professor Juan P. Hinestroza(Cornell University) and Professor Jinsuk Hwang (from Konkuk University) will have their lectures based on such themes as the creative research, which is one of the important issues among the domestic industrial and academic fields, and the current state of human-resource development in the fashion industry. Also, each committee will present its thesis in the conference and awards for excellent paper (for the oral and the poster presentations) will be given. In order to induce members interest, all the lectures at the conference are based on various topics. We hope that many of our members will show their interest and participate in the 2011 Fall KSCT Conference. 1. Schedule -Time : October 15th (Sat.) 2011, 9:30~ -Place: Centennial Hall, Yonsei University -Theme: Future Fashion@Technology. Globalism 9:30 ~ 10:00 Registration, Handing out materials 10:00 ~10:10 General Meeting 10:10 ~ 11:00 Lecture I.: Homo Futuris (In-sik Lee, Convergence Institute) 11:10 ~ 12:10 Lecture II. Fast Fashion International Expansion to the Developing World (Prof. Brenda Sternquist, Michigan State University) 12:10 ~ 14:00 Lunch & Poster Presentation 14:00 ~ 15:00 Special Topic Session I: Can nanotechnology be fashionable? (Prof. Juan P. Hinestroza, Cornell University) Special Topic Session II: The production of fashion professionals in apparel & fashion major (Prof. Jinsuk Hwang, Konkuk University) 15:10 ~ 16:40 Oral Presentation 16:40 ~ 17:00 Q&A Session for Poster Presentation Paper. 17:00 ~ 18:00 Best Paper Awards & Tea time 2. Guideline for Paper Presentation - All authors must be members of KSCT - A copy of abstract of the paper should be Submitted online through <paper submission> on KSCT website ( - Submitting date: September 5(Mon.), 2011 3. Registration Information □ Member: Pre-registration: Professors or general participants: KRW 27,000 Students: KRW 9,000 On-site registration: Professors or general participants: KRW 30,000 Students: KRW 10,000 □ Non-member: KRW 40,000 (40 US dollars) <Wire transfer info. : Shinhan Bank, 100-014-194016, Beneficiary: Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles> ※ Wire transfer fee is sender’s responsibility. Please make sure the transfer is made under your name and affiliation. □ Pre-registration period: September 1~30, 2011




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