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Title  Call for papers for The English Journal of KSCT 2011  
Name KSCT Date  2011-03-03 Hit  75390
The Journal of Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles Vol.35 No.6 (The English Journal of KSCT, June, 2011) calls for papers. Manuscripts are reviewed and accepted on a first come-first serve basis. Please keep this in mind for scheduling the submission. Please follow the guidelines for the abstract; 1) Before submitting a paper, authors are urged to review manuscripts for clarity of expression, grammar, and typographical accuracy. Deficiency in these specifications is subject to a rejection. 2) Abstract will be written in English. 3) Paper should be submitted by March 31st(Thu), 2011, to be published on No.6 after revising. Please contact the office for any further inquiries. ◎ Contact Information: Tel : 02-222-2656 e-mail :




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