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The KSCT encompasses five technical research divisions as follows: Textile science and Technology; Fashion Marketing; Apparel Science and Technology; Aesthetic Aspects of Costumes and Design; and Korean Costume division. It also has four regional branches in Daegu-Gyeongbuk, Busan & Ulsan & Gyeongnam , Gwangju-Jeonnam, and Jeonbuk.  These divisions and branches all provide consistent academic and educational activities.

We expect continuous participations and submission of articles for the advancement of the KSCT.

[2021-03-09] KSCT 2021 Spring Conference
[2020-08-19] KSCT 2020 Fall Conference
[2020-07-10] 2020-ICCT
[2019-10-01] KSCT 2019 Fall Conference

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